We incubate policy and market solutions at the climate-finance nexus

Theia Finance Labs (Theia) acts as an incubator for and investor in public, mission driven programmes at the intersection of finance and climate risks. TFL provides governance, as well as strategic and operational support designed to help these projects and brands scale and achieve long-term impact. Theia is 100% non-commercial and mission-driven.

Research programs


The 1in1000 program helps financial institutions and supervisors address future risks and challenges, especially those related to climate change. The program aims to integrate risks posed by climate change, ecosystem service and biodiversity loss, and the breakdown of social cohesion into financial processes and regulations. It focuses on developing long-term risk metrics, designing risk management tools and frameworks, and building capacity for financial institutions and supervisors. Find out more at


THEIA launched the Transforming in a Low-carbon Transition (tilt) programme in 2022. The programme aims to develop climate-related data for SMEs and non-listed companies with a target of +1 million companies by 2023.

Transition Monitor

The TransitionMonitor Platform hosts a set of analytical solutions developed by THEIA and its partners (e.g. RMI-PACTA, Inevitable Policy Response). With over 3,000 users and +30,000 uploaded portfolios, it is the largest non-commercial portfolio analysis  website in the world.

Our values

Non-commercial & committed to the public good
We have no commercial contracts and provide all of our research open source and IP rights-free. This policy minimizes financial conflicts of interest and guarantees the public good-driven nature of our work.

Independent and interest-neutral
Our governance and our funding structure is designed to be diversified and multi-stakeholder. This helps ensure that our research does not represent a particular interest group, but rather our best understanding of the truth.

Science- and evidence-based
We continuously aim to expand and improve the evidence base for decision-making in sustainable finance.

Our impact

Our rebrand from 2° Investing Initiative Germany to Theia Finance Labs reflects our strategy to move from an ‘initiative’ with an integrated research programme to a lab that is home to a range of different research brands and strategies. Our role will continue to focus on incubating research solutions and ensuring their long-term sustainability, while working with commercial and non-commercial partners on scaling these solutions. We look forward to applying our expertise as we have done with PACTA, now with RMI (since 2022), MyFairMoney / MeinFairMögen (continued by 2DII France from 2023 as part of the retail research stream), and AssetResolution, now AssetImpact (spun off by 2DII Germany and 2DII France in 2018).

The rebrand also reflects a broader governance evolution. Theia was originally conceived with a multi-stakeholder governance. In 2021, we decided to transition to a cooperative, employee-led governance model with the Board election and key organizational decisions taken by the association’ members – its employees.

The Theia Finance Labs name is inspired by the Greek goddess of sight, the light of the blue sky, and the value of gold, Theia, and by the Greek word Aletheia, which means “disclosure” or “truth”, literally “the state of not being hidden”. The new brand thus mirrors our goal to develop evidence-based research and tools that shed light on the intersection of finance, climate change, and long-term risks. Theia will continue to operate as a 100% non-profit organization.

Annual reports

2019 - Activity Report
2018 - Activity Report
2017 - Activity Report

This website is the new home of 2° Investing Initiative Germany following its relaunch as Theia Finance Labs. If you want to visit 2° Investing Initiative France, please go to