February 22, 2016

Responsible Investor: FSB’s new climate disclosure task force urged to pool data to cut costs


Think-tank queries climate change as a “systemic risk” to investors

by: Jan Wagner
Feb 22nd, 2016

As the Financial Stability Board’s (FSB) new task force on corporate climate change reporting begins its work, an influential think-tank has weighed in, suggesting that the relevant climate data be pooled to cut costs and simplify matters.

It has also queried whether climate change necessarily poses a “systemic risk” to investors.

The think-tank weighing in on the task force’s assignment is the Paris-based ‘Two Degrees Investing Initiative’ (2°ii). Founded in 2012, 2°ii’s mission is to help financial institutions adapt to a low-carbon future and promote investment in renewable energy. 2°ii is backed by a several big financial institutions, including Allianz, Axa and HSBC, as well as Carbon Tracker and BankTrack.

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