ISO Standard for Investment, Financing and Climate Change

This report provides options for standardization examined by the ISO 14097 working group. It is based on a review of more than 130 financial institutions’ actions and initiatives on the integration of climate-related issues and current standards and disclosure frameworks aiming at improving financial institutions' practices and its comparability.

The report identifies 7 concepts as the most used by financial institutions currently considering climate issues in their practices and presents a critical analysis of concepts building on the criteria developed by the French government and 2° Investing Initiative in the context of the International Award on Investor Climate-related Disclosures.

The criteria was developed to assess the best practices of climate disclosure in the context of the implementation of the Article 173 of the Energy Transition Law on mandatory climate disclosure for investors and banks. An independent jury composed of public administration, MPs, investor groups and NGOs applied this criteria in the selection of the award winners.

More on ISO 14097

ISO (International Standards Organization) Standard 14097 was proposed by the French national standardization body, AFNOR, and approved by ballot in January 2017. The conveners are Stanislas Dupré, CEO of 2DII, and Massamba Thoiye, Manager of the Sustainable Development Mechanism Program of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Its objective is to create a standard for measuring and reporting financing and investment activities related to climate change