Stan Dupré, CEO and founder of the 2° Investing Initative, served on the EU High-Level Expert Group (HLEG) on Sustainable Finance and contributed to their final report, "Financing a Sustainable European Economy".

The European Commission established the HLEG to help develop an overarching and comprehensive EU roadmap on sustainable finance. It requested advice on how to ‘steer the flow of capital towards sustainable investments; identify steps that financial institutions and supervisors should take to protect the financial system from sustainability risks; and deploy these policies on a pan-European scale’.

Given the complexity of the financial system and its policy and regulatory framework, there is no single lever to achieve these ambitions and ‘switch’ the financial system to sustainability. Improving the contribution of the financial system to sustainable and inclusive growth requires a comprehensive review, the identification of areas where changes are needed, and the development of specific recommendations in these areas. That is what the HLEG has sought to deliver.