Connecting the Dots Between Climate Goals, Portfolio Allocation and Financial Regulation

In this report, the 2° Investing Initiative proposes to create a framework that connects the dots between climate goals, portfolio allocation and financial regulation.

  • The main objective is to build a set of new approaches that integrate climate change issues into mainstream finance. In this context, climate change issues can be seen as the tip of a larger iceberg: the need to finance the real economy and the long term.
  • While the goal to limit climate change to +2°C has been officially established by world governments, the “price signal” approach promoted in the last 20 years has yielded limited results. Meanwhile, we are getting closer to a carbon-intensive future every day. It now appears necessary to use other tools that will ‘push’ available capital into financing the energy transition.
  • The cornerstone of our initiative is the concept of 2° investing: a financial environment that promotes financing and investment in accordance with +2°C climate pathways. For this to become possible, new tools and new rules are needed to connect existing regulatory frameworks with emerging performance and risk assessment practices. 2°ii aims to be an open platform where experts and stakeholders who share these objectives can meet and share their ideas.