November 18, 2021

MyFairMoney – A new finance platform for retail investors who want to invest sustainably


2° Investing Initiative (2DII) has today announced the launch of its retail investment platform, “MyFairMoney”, which aims to provide transparent, impartial information for retail investors looking to marry their sustainability preferences with personal investment decisions. Available in English and French, MyFairMoney is among the first solutions in Europe incorporating multi-data inputs into its analysis of the 3,000 funds on the platform whilst remaining 100% non-profit.

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The platform remedies the information asymmetry plaguing investors concerned by global issues surrounding sustainability, climate change and social justice through operationalizing their savings and investments. Despite increasing opportunities for consumers to invest in green financial products, an abundance of sustainability labels and often misleading ESG marketing can make it difficult for investors to judge complex investment products according to individual sustainability aspects.

In order to combat this disparity in inputs/outputs, the MyFairMoney platform enables users to make informed choices as to where their money goes. As an independent, non-commercial platform that informs personal investment decisions, MyFairMoney develops a sustainability profile with users in order to ascertain their key priorities, and uses a Paris compatibility score to measure the plethora of funds available on the platform against the Paris Climate Agreement.

The platform operates using three key pillars:

  1. Interested investors can find out more about sustainable investment on the MyFairMoney website, which is informed by 2DII’s market leading research in the development of climate metrics.
  2. With the help of a questionnaire, investors can determine their personal sustainability profile, which can form the basis of an advisory discussion with a financial advisor.
  3. The extensive fund database contains over 3,000 funds and can provide detailed information on the sustainability of fund products. Private investors can search for individual funds and check or filter them using 36 different sustainability preferences.

Jakob Thomae, Executive Director of 2DII, commented; “On the heels of COP26, individuals are increasingly interested in investing in line with their values. Increasingly, we are seeing targets set for green finance missed and a misalignment with the goals of the Paris Climate Accord. With the MyFairMoney platform, we are creating the first independent tool that comprehensively accompanies consumers in the complex process of integrating their unique sustainability goals into their investments. This creates not only greater transparency for investors but an incentive for funds to align their process to the goals of the PCA.”

Thibaut Ghirardi, Managing Director of 2DII France, commented; “The reallocation of households savings will be key to fund the transition toward a low carbon economy and could certainly be achieved as retail investors themselves say they want to invest sustainably. They just need tools to better inform their investment decisions and overcome market information asymmetry. I’m convinced that the MyFairMoney platform will address this challenge which is why it is so exciting to launch it in France and in the rest of Europe.”

Mathieu Garnero, Head of Finance ClimAct at ADEME, said: “Initially relegated to experts and institutional investors, the issue of preferences and extra-financial performance is now fully in the spotlight for retail investors, with a reinforced regulatory framework defined by France (PACTE law, GreenFin label) and Europe (MiFID 2, SFDR, EU Ecolabel). With MyFairMoney, 2DII is taking a key step forward to give access to clear, transparent, free information on retail investment funds. This step is fully in line with the approach pursued by Finance ClimAct: observing practices, understanding and questioning preferences, providing information and raising awareness among the general public, which will make it possible to fully integrate sustainable finance into the retail investing market.”

About our funders: MyFairMoney has received funding from ADEME; from the European Union’s LIFE Programme under Grant Agreement LIFE18IPC/FR/000010 A.F.F.A.P; from the Life NGO Programme of the European Union under grant number LIFE20 NGO/SGA/DE/200040; from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 894345; and from Climate-KIC.

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