2DII Germany announces new partnership with the Vatican Bank to stress test risks related to the 10 biblical plagues


Vatican City/Berlin: Today, the 1in1000 research program of 2° Investing Initiative Germany is proud to announce a new research collaboration with the Vatican Bank. The 40-year program, hosted in our brand new 1in1000 facilities in Wilderness, Germany, will focus on understanding the potential risks and opportunities related to a return of the biblical plagues.

2DII has already collaborated with the Vatican Bank to address the risks related to hail as part of its climate stress-testing program, and is now expanding to the other plagues, notably those related to environment and biodiversity (frogs, lice, livestock pestilence, locusts). The work will also benefit from key research insights provided by the Vatican Library and the research staff of the Vatican. Notably, it will complement 2DII’s previous research on stress-testing an alien invasion.

Jakob Thomä, Executive Director of 2DII Germany, said: “We are incredibly excited to work with the Vatican Bank on this crucial issue. We normally pride ourselves on being ahead of the market with our research, but we also appreciate that many think tanks claim to be ‘ahead’. With this program, we will be the only institution in the market both ahead of the market and behind – in this case by around 3,500 years. Once again, we are ahead of the curve, this time by being behind.”

2DII Germany has agreed to run this program on a pro bono basis in exchange for eternal salvation for all involved staff members. We are also in similar negotiations with Buddhist institutions and expect to sign this in the next life.

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